Winding Down

So things ares finally starting to calm down. I turned in my last CSUN project today, so I’m officially on summer break from college. Woohoo! I think I did pretty well too. I know I got an A in math, and I can’t imagine anything less than B’s in my other classes, so go me.
I had my CSET’s on Saturday, and they went a little better than I expected. I rocked the Geometry and Pstat section. And by rocked, I mean I totally dominated that sheit. Take that Euclid. Algebra and Tumber Theory, however, didn’t go so well. But that was only because I didn’t have enough time to study. There were alot of questions I should have gotten, so that gives me hope that if i have to retake it, I know I’ll pass.
I just have 6 more days of teaching before summer break, and I’m counting them down. The last three days are finals, so I’m just giving tests, and they’re all minimum days. Ugh… this post is taking forever…. time to wrap up…. I’m going to be at Lee and Amanda’s wedding this weekend… so Thursday is the rehearsal dinner, Friday is the Warm Up Dinner, and Saturday is the ceremony and reception. Me + College Buddies + 2 Hour Open Bar = Good times. And I get to wear a tuxedo! Hopefully pictues will follow.

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