I Got a Job

I had my interview at Just Sports today. Comron decided to tag along since he used to work there. So Com, my new co-workers, and myself all went out to lunch before the interview. It was nice to get a glimpse into their social life before I start working there. I’ve never really hung out with alot of computer guys like that before. I felt at home, despite being somewhat shy. After lunch they sat me down in a conference room for an interview. I think it went pretty well. They told me exactly what I’d be working on. It’s mostly IT/help desk type stuff, but it sounded like there would be some programming for me to do. They basically offered me the job right there, on the spot, so of course I took it. My first day of work will be June 28th, right after I get back from my cruise.

I think I’m really going to enjoy working there. It’s a pretty casual work environment and they were cracking jokes and having a good time while we were there. I was totally overdressed in my new suit ( The other guys were wearing jeans and collared shirts), but I think it was important to make a good impression. Plus I love my new suit.

Since I’ll be starting work right after I get back from the cruise, I’ll have to move out of my house early next week. Prolly just gonna rent a U-Haul one-way and get a couple people up here to help me move. Shouldn’t be too much work, just a bed, desk, dresser and bookcase, plus all the little shit laying around.

Pat finished his finals this afternoon, so we celebrated by watching 3 hours of Sports Night. We finished all the episodes. It just makes me sad they cancelled the show so early. It joins the ranks of Futurama and Family Guy as shows shot down in their prime. At least Family Guy is returning.

I’m off to bed now. Pat and I are going to pick up our graduation gowns tomorrow and Jeff is coming down to visit. Should be a fun week once my Wednesday final is done with.

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  1. Laura says:

    Yay! Congratulations on your job…you are really an adult now.. 🙂 It sounds like a cool place to work and make new friends! Maybe we will actually hang out someday if you aren’t too cool for me now, hehehe

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